Bonus Episode: Chesa Boudin, Restorative Justice Advocate, Wins San Francisco DA Election

Chesa Boudin (left) is a career public defender. His election as San Francisco District Attorney signals the so-called “progressive prosecutor” movement is resonating. (Photo credit: Boudin 4DA)

Chesa Boudin, the deputy public defender in San Francisco who ran a progressive campaign promising to dismantle the city’s mass incarceration apparatus, was elected district attorney. He was featured prominently in our episode “Restorative Justice: Healing Instead of Incarceration.”

Listen to the bonus episode here or download the podcast on your favorite podcast app.

Listen to Restorative Justice: Healing Instead of Incarceration:

Listen to the bonus episode here or download the podcast on your favorite podcast app.

Below is a transcript from the bonus episode:

Chesa Boudin

“It’s important to remember that part of what mass incarceration means is that the majority of American adults have an immediate family member who is currently or formerly incarcerated. So my experience of visiting my parents in prison, of having loved ones behind bars, actually puts me firmly in the majority of this country. And it’s a real problem that so few district attorneys share that experience with the majority of Americans, because it makes it harder for them to have empathy and compassion, to see people as three dimensional, complex humans who have made, in some cases, horrific mistakes, in some cases, repeatedly, but who are more than their worst mistakes and who have potential for redemption, and to play a role not only in their own salvation, but in helping undo the harm that they’ve caused in their communities.

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