Trump’s Muslim Ban: Tearing Apart Families Caught in Yemen’s Civil War

“I feel like I’m being targeted just for being a Muslim.” — Mohammed Alobahy


An aerial bombardment in Sana’a. (Credit: Fahd Sadi/ Creative Commons)

“I feel like I am being targeted just for being a Muslim,” he says. “I mean it’s very clear that the president stated that he wants to ban Muslims from coming to the United States. There is no other explanation of…what he intended to do.”


“What’s happening to Yemenis and people who are banned by the Muslim ban is exactly the same thing,” Almontaser says, “except that it’s invisible for us in the United States because it’s happening at U.S. embassies. It’s happening at airports, and we are not seeing it.”

“This Muslim ban is part of the larger policy of minimizing immigration of people of color and ethnic backgrounds to the United States,” she added.



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